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Preparing and Mounting

Dear Readers,

The topic of today’s issue is the update of the online tutorial “Locked System Knee Joints – Preparing and Mounting the Pulling Cable”. In this context, we also present the new assembly/lamination dummy for the locked system knee joints, which makes it even easier to mount the pulling cable.

With best regards from Lüneburg,

Your FIOR & GENTZ team


Locked System Knee Joints – Preparing and Mounting the Pulling Cable

A pulling cable on an orthosis with a locked system knee joint facilitates handling the orthosis for patients. It allows for a comfortable unlocking of the system knee joint at the thigh. This means that patients do not have to bend over in order to reach their knee.

In our online tutorial Locked System Knee Joints – Preparing and Mounting the Pulling Cable, we show you, among other things, how to integrate the pulling cable in a visually appealing way. This procedure protects the patient from accidentally getting caught with the pulling cable.

Furthermore, it allows you to better design the unlocking mechanism, as you can determine the direction of the pulling cable via the course of the cable cover. We show you in detail how the pulling cable is prepared and later mounted.

Our new assembly/lamination dummy now features a bore for the cable cover. Due to the conduit in the dummy, the cable cover is positioned in such a way that the system joint can easily be unlocked through the pulling cable later on. The dummy thus makes it easier for you to mount the pulling cable and ensures easy handling by the patient later.

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