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We are pleased to present the new 24mm system width of the established NEURO SWING system ankle joint.

It is available in all our online media since 27 March 2024. In today's issue, we would like to present the special features of this large system width.

NEURO SWING System Ankle joint in 24mm System Width

This system width in titanium was specially designed for larger and heavier patients. An orthosis with NEURO SWING system ankle joints in the system width 24mm offers an unrivalled, very high load capacity.

This means that patients with higher demands on the load capacity of an orthosis can now also benefit from the advantages of a durable orthosis with dynamic and adjustable system joints. The Orthosis Configurator determines the appropriate system components and spring units for your patient by taking the patient data and the load capacity of the NEURO SWING system ankle joints into account. These fulfil the requirements for safe stance and gait, even with a high body weight or heavy load, while still retaining their proven dynamic properties.

NEURO SWING – System Width

About the NEURO SWING 24mm

  • very high load capacity

  • dynamic: adjustable alignment, adjustable range of motion, variable spring force

  • bent lamination/prepreg stirrup

  • can be used as the sole main joint (unilateral), bilateral or as a supporting joint

System Stirrup for NEURO SWING 24mm

The system stirrup for the 24mm system width offers a number of advantages that make it easier for you to process the system stirrup. It is particularly durable and already bent very close to the joint, which reduces the distance to the patient's leg and does not need to be reworked. The system stirrup head is made of hardened steel and offers a wide bearing surface for the spring units. The system stirrup body is made of lighter titanium. Both components are already firmly pressed together on delivery and must not be detached from each other. The material of the system stirrup narrows towards the bottom, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming grinding and making it easier to bend the system stirrup.

Clamping Aid for System Stirrups

Clamping Aid

The scope of delivery of the system stirrup for the NEURO SWING in the system width 24mm includes a clamping aid for system stirrups. This clamping aid is used when bending the system stirrup. It ensures that the area of the system stirrup head and directly below it is not deformed. This prevents potential damage to the cover plate. You can also find more information on the information sheet enclosed with the product or on the FIOR & GENTZ website in the online tutorials section.

You will find more information on the NEURO SWING system ankle joint here:

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