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Configurator - New functions

In 4 steps

1 Patient Data

We help you to plan the best possible orthosis for your patient.

2 Orthosis Design and System Components

The info buttons marked with a (i) provide you with technical information about the individual queries which will help you to make the right choice.

3. Individual adjustments

The Orthosis Confi gurator allows you to create a transparent treatment documentation for everyone involved (patient, physician, therapist, insurances or cost bearers, colleagues etc.) since the individually planned orthosis will be documented in every detail.

4. Results

With the Orthosis Confi gurator, you can create a reproducible and documented orthosis - an important element for your documented treatment.

Tutorial documentation

  • Advanced work-sharing

  • Reproducible system thanks to documentation

To read more detailed information see attached PDF:

Last ned PDF • 22.83MB


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