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New Waterproof Knee Joints

Today, we are happy to present to you two new waterproof system knee joints: the NEURO LOCK H2O and the NEURO CLASSIC H2O. Our two new system joints are the first waterproof system knee joints in the FIOR & GENTZ product range. With the NEURO LOCK H2O or the NEURO CLASSIC H2O at knee level and the NEURO SWING H2O at ankle level, producing a waterproof KAFO is possible for the first time. Such an orthosis is a true all-rounder that reliably accompanies patients through their everyday life. Even a unilateral orthosis is no problem thanks to the high load capacity of our system knee joints.

You will find more information on the system joints in the joint overview. You can also watch a presentation of the system joints. This presentation is in German, English version is comming soon.


Manuals for Free Moving System Knee Joints, including Norwegian translation:


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