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Neuro HiSwing

The First Hydraulic Ankle Joint

With the Neuro HiSwing, the first hydraulic ankle joint has been developed. In its basic alignment, it is adjusted to level ground. However, even stairs and hilly terrain can be easily mastered with the Neuro HiSwing.

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The Neuro HiSwing offers the following advantages to the patient:

  • easy hiking and walking on hilly terrain

  • more comfort when sitting

  • climbing stairs with less effort

  • wearing shoes with different heel heights

  • standing and walking without shoes

Neuro HiSwing – Adjustable by Orthotists and Patients

  1. Thanks to the adjustable alignment of the Neuro HiSwing system ankle joint, the orthosis can be individually adjusted to the patient’s pathological gait. The spirit level is adjusted to this basic alignment. If the gait changes, the orthotist can easily correct the alignment and readjust the spirit level.

  2. If necessary (e.g. when walking uphill) the ankle joint angle can be adjusted. To do so, one has to open the lever on the system ankle joint, assume the desired position and bring the lower leg into an angle in which the air bubble of the spirit level is centred. The angle between the tibial shell and the line of gravity is therefore adjusted to the basic alignment determined by the orthotist.

  3. The spring force in plantar flexion and dorsiflexion can be individually adjusted to the patient’s needs thanks to the interchangeable spring units. The product range comprises a total of fi ve different spring units, with forces ranging from normal to extra strong and a range of motion from 15° to 5°. The spring units are the well-proven, silent Neuro HiSwing models.


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