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Guide to Partial Foot Amputations

We are pleased to present to you the brand new Guide to Partial Foot Amputations – our concept for the prosthetic treatment of patients with amputations below the ankle joint.

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The Goal behind the Guide

With the Guide to Partial Foot Amputations, we would like to give new impulses for a dynamic, prosthetic treatment of patients with amputations below the ankle joint. The concept is targeted at orthotists who are working in the fields of prosthetics or orthotics as well as orthopaedic shoemakers who produce medical devices for patients with partial foot amputations.

The Concept

The basis for the treatment concept is the NEURO SWING partial foot prosthesis. It is a prosthesis covering the ankle with a NEURO SWING system ankle joint combined with an individually designed stump socket.

This state-of-the-art medical device compensates for the functional shortening of the forefoot lever and thus enables patients with partial foot amputations to stand and walk in a physiological manner. The following system components are crucial for this:

  • high ventral tibial shell: for an optimal use of body weight;

  • partially flexible foot piece: for a physiological heel-to-toe movement;

  • interchangeable spring units: for a dynamic stance and gait and an adjustment to the biomechanical deficits at different amputation heights.

Which spring unit with which range of motion and spring force is best suited for the patient is determined with the help of a newly developed classification that takes into account the biomechanics of the individual amputation heights. In total, there are three different types that differ in forefoot lever length, muscular balance and muscle strength.

In order to achieve a dynamic stance and gait without functional restrictions with the NEURO SWING partial foot prosthesis, the forefoot lever must be restored and the muscular imbalance, which can result from the amputation and cause painful contractures, must be compensated. Specific strategies are described in detail in the guide.

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