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Expertmail - Waterproof system

Waterproof system knee joints NEURO LOCK H₂O and NEURO CLASSIC H₂O

Dear Readers,

Today, we are happy to present to you two new waterproof system knee joints: the NEUROLOCKH2O and the NEUROCLASSICH2O. Learn in this EXPERTMAIL why these two system knee joints are so special. You can also visit us on our YouTube channel on 19 May 2020 at 3 pm CET, when we will present the new system knee joints!

With best regards from Lüneburg,

Your FIOR & GENTZ team


Our two new system joints are the first waterproof system knee joints in the FIOR&GENTZ product range. Both system joints have a robust, carbon fibre-reinforced joint case, which you already know from our well-proven NEUROSWINGH2O system ankle joint. The joint case is resistant to dirt and water and therefore ideally suited for use in wet areas. With the NEUROLOCKH2O or the NEUROCLASSICH2O at knee level and the NEUROSWINGH2O at ankle level, producing a waterproof KAFO is possible for the first time. Such an orthosis is a true all-rounder that reliably accompanies patients through their everyday life. Even a unilateral orthosis is no problem thanks to the high load capacity of our system knee joints. NEUROLOCK H2O and NEUROCLASSIC H2O will be available as of tomorrow, 19 May 2020, in the system width 20mm.

About the NEURO LOCK H2O

  • locked in 5° extension

  • unlocking via lock lever/pulling cable

  • permanent unlocking via lock lever/pulling cable and fixing pawl

  • functionally convertible into a NEURO CLASSIC H2O by demounting the locking pawl, spring guide and pressure spring

Special feature: The NEURO LOCK H2O system knee joint can also be used in a unilateral orthosis thanks to its high load capacity.

Permanent Unlocking

The system knee joint can be permanently unlocked via a fixing pawl. This function is recommended, for example, when cycling or doing exercises during physiotherapy.

Precisely Adjustable Extension Stop

If play occurs due to wear, the position of the locking pawl can be infinitely adjusted by means of a precisely adjustable extension stop. Exchanging the locking pawl is therefore not necessary.


  • free moving

  • preassembled in 5° extension

  • can also be used as a supporting joint for the NEURO LOCK H2O ➜ increases the stability of the orthosis in the medio-lateral direction and thus reduces the load on the main joint

You will find more information on the system joints in our Orthosis Configurator, on our website, in the online product catalogue as well as in the respective instructions for use.

Would you like to give us feedback or do you have further questions regarding the alignment screw? Please contact +47 97 16 07 67 -


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