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Intuy ® Knee

A motorised external knee prosthesis, actively assisting every step.

Reboocon Bionics B.V. is an innovative, high-tech company based in Delft, Netherlands. We apply our cutting edge robotic technology to recover the capabilities and boost the strength of humankind. Our endeavour of improving quality of life started in 2016 and we will never stop.

For whom

  • Amputees with: transfemoral amputation, knee disarticulation

  • Activity levels: K2, K3, K4

  • Max weight: P6 - 125 kg

  • Height between: 1.20 - 1.95 m


  • Weight (with battery): 2.4 kg

  • Max knee flexion: 120 deg

  • Battery standby time: ~44 h

  • Nominal walking range: 21+ km at a 29% battery drop

  • Charging time: 2 hours, charger dependent

  • Protection level: IP45, weatherproof

  • Mechanical connection: Male pyramid

  • Black & silver


  • Powered assistance

  • Step-over-step stair ascent, no kicking, no whipping. Charging during descent

  • Improve gait symmetry, and preserve joint and muscle. Speed auto-adaptation

  • Intuitive, seamless mode switching, no remote control

  • Get to the floor easily, and stand up with ease

  • Tallgrass or uneven terrain is no longer a problem

Intuy ® App

  • For practitioner and patient

  • Phone or tablet

  • iOS or Android

  • Wireless, no cable needed

  • Real-time gait data


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