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Evomotion introduction

Step by step to more independence

The evomove

“The world’s first treatment concept which combines the benefits of FES and orthotics: the evomove®!” FES activates via electrodes, which are directly sewn in a cuff, corresponding nerves and muscles. The evomove® itself controls muscle groups during walking, in accordance with the patient’s pathology. The primary purpose of the orthosis is to guide and stabilise the lower leg from the lateral side, especially the ankle joint. This combination will immediately give patients a noticeably more economical and safer gait.

Decisive advantages of individual combined treatments:

• Active use of the body’s own structures (FES), • External stabilisation and guidance of lower limbs (orthotics), • Knee safety • Flexion initiation in the knee • Improving alignments in orthesis • Musculature training and growth, • Improving circulation, • Preventing atrophy, • Maintaining ankle movement, • Expanding walking distance and • Reducing the danger of falling.

With the evomove®, existing or future orthotic treatment of patients with central nervous disorders in any age group can be supplemented with FES. The combination of FES and orthotics means increased quality of life and individual performance for patients.


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